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Agile Cut Level 1 Red Nylon Shell with Polyurethane Palm Coating

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The TraffiSafe 3 colour coding system is an innovative, proven and easy way to ensure your workforce is wearing an appropriate level of protection for the task in hand.

The colour coding (Red, Amber and Green) relates to the glove’s performance on the EN 388 test for cut resistance.

The RED gloves have a level 1 score, so they are only suitable for lower cut risk tasks. The RED colour itself is a warning to the wearers to be sure they are always wearing sufficient protection, as many accidents occur simply because someone did not think about – or understand – the risk involved in a particular task.

The GREEN gloves have a top score of 5, making them the right choice for higher cut risk tasks such as handling sheet metal. The colour GREEN provides the internationally-recognised confirmation that it is ‘Safe to go’ when there is a higher risk of cuts.



Great quality, comfortable safety gloves made from nylon and polycotton threads

Different coatings provide protection against wet or dry surfaces as required

Excellent value for money through longer life and a lower cost of ownership

Our RED gloves are designed for general handling tasks in dry and/or wet conditions, depending on the particular coating. They are the perfect choice for some construction trades, warehouse work, assembly lines and other jobs where there is very little risk of coming into contact with sharp edges and surfaces.

All of the TraffiGloves in the RED range are close fitting and designed for maximum dexterity to cope with the range and diversity of tasks that the wearers will be undertaking. For example, the TG100 Nimble is so close fitting that it allows the hands to move quite freely, while the TG150 Speed leaves 3 fingertips exposed to provide extra sensitivity for fiddly tasks.